Alaa Sharabi, Syrian artist

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1988
Lives in Damascus, Syria

A young emerging artist on the contemporary art scene, Alaa Sharabi’s portfolio already features a number of personal and collective exhibitions. He obtained a degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus in 2011, and as a reward for his excellent results in his final exams, he was quickly appointed Assistant Professor.

Finding oneself. Taking a tortuous path to find one’s own language, a unique form of communication and expression. Disregarding aesthetics, trivialities, to focus on the essential. Being open to everything, absorbing knowledge, understanding the notion of being, in order to finally remove oneself from the noise of others, and give into the lethargy of introspection. Go deeper. Break with the established order, and persevere.

Such are the aims of contemporary artist Alaa Sharabi, who provides a new and unusual perspective on the act of creating, crafting one of the many aspects of contemporary art with his unique signature. His bold paintings combine a chromatic richness with frenetic lines and complex compositions. It is expressed through delicate but vigorous, often black, strokes, the abstraction proves to be deep, the intensity of the gesture is palpable, demonstrating a fiery disposition. Entangled and twisted, sometimes almost cubist, his characters, humans or animals convey a sense of chaotic confusion, compensated by a palette of deep, warm hues, sometimes bright and playful, other times dark, lightly Sienna, with the base canvas often a brilliant black.

Sharabi achieves this avid pursuit of an artistic ideal by fusing dabs of colour which appear to lighten up the canvas’ interior, with lines and forms which follow the artist’s train of imagination, mixing the modern with something intrinsically intimate.

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