Peace of Art for Covid

Art Auction : An Online event hosted by McGill Syrian Students’ Association, 3600 Rue McTavish, Suite 1200, Montreal, QC H3A 0G3, Canada

In partnership with: The Saaed Society, a non-profit organization working across the provinces in Syria.

In collaboration with: SYRIA.ART – Association pour la Promotion de l’Art Contemporain Syrien, Nice, France

Date of the Online Art Auction: Saturday, November 14, 2020  from 10:00 AM

Venue: Online with Facebook Live:

The official page of the Syrian Students’ Association at McGill University:


McGill University Syrian Students’ Association (SSA), a non-profit, secular student club directed towards helping the McGill and Montreal Syrian community, and Syrians everywhere around the world is organizing an art auction to help raise money for Syrians in Syria who have had to deal with the added hardship of COVID-19 called “Peace of Art for COVID”. The money raised would allow us to buy highly demanded medical equipment, such as oxygen tanks and electric organizers through an organization named “Saaed Society”. They are currently working on the grounds of Syrian provinces providing medical care and help for those impacted by the virus as well as preparing for the second wave that should be approaching soon.

As many of you know, Syria like many other countries has been struggling with the pandemic, they are not receiving enough aid such as medical supplies, oxygen tanks and masks. Many hospitals are destroyed and there are not many front liner workers to help those in need of intensive care. Syria is still experiencing a civil war that has entered its 9th year, forest fires, an economic crisis impacting Syrians greatly and now the pandemic to add on to the huge burden. The pandemic has caused people to say home not receiving an income, hospitals are overpopulated not accepting more patients and the COVID tests themselves are overly expensive. We are hoping to raise funds to provide aid for the different provinces of Syria to better prepare them for the upcoming wave which is why we need your help!

Keep an eye for more posts about our proud collaborators, generous artists who are donating their work and logistics on how the auction day will go on the event page!

The Syrian Students’ Association of McGill University is a non-profit student club under SSMU, the undergraduate student society at McGill University. The Syrian Students’ Association is a secular, apolitical club that is not affiliated with nor subsidized by any political party or religious group. Their events are open to everyone!

Their club’s mission can be summarized in 4 main articles:

1. Social mission: Assist newly settled Syrians in Montreal by helping them with social integration and navigating available resources, from applying to University or finding language classes.
2. Humanitarian mission: Support Syrian refugees, both locally and abroad, through supporting organizations that provide humanitarian relief and raising awareness on McGill campus about the Syrian refugee crisis and conflict.
3. Educational mission: Empower Syrian youth by supporting organizations that offer educational resources.
4. Cultural mission: Bring the Syrian community in Montreal together by holding cultural and social events.