On January 29, over 20 of the finest Niçois artists are coming together for a charity event for the victims of the Berlin Christmas market terror attack.

This one-off event is taking place on Sunday, 29th January 2017 at 17h00 at
Théâtre Francis Gag
4, rue de la Croix
06300 Nice

In Nice, the shock was deep and ripped open wounds that had barely begun to heal when on December 19 the news came that Berlin had just suffered a terror attack, carried out the same heinous way as it had happened just five months earlier on the Promenade des Anglais. Twelve people lost their lives and 53 more were badly injured at the Breitscheidplatz Christmas market attack. A cruel déjà-vu for many Niçois. But as soon as the first wave of horror subsided, Nice sprang into action to show its solidarity with the grief-stricken German capital: 20 performing and plastic artists from Nice come together in a unique and high-profile charity event on 29 January at 17 h at the Théâtre Francis Gag, with the proceeds going to the Berlin victims and their families.


To say the line-up is impressive, is understating the case. It is a veritable Best Of, and rare is the chance to see so much talent united on one stage.

Contributors, in the order of their appearance, include:

Khaled Youssef, Pierre Guennaz, Manon Perouelle, Lili Kabarett, Jean-Charles Prini / Christophe Turgie, Steve Villa Massone, SYRIA.ART, Pascal Reva & Frédéric Audibert, Christophe Turgie, Cyrille de Gonzalgue & Mélissa Calatayud, Marc Duret / Laurent Zoppis, faSade (via video), Frédéric Rey.


Five plastic artists of renown turn the hall of the Théâtre Francis Gag into an art museum for the day:

Khaled Youssef, Michel Anthony, Louis-Paul Fallot, Father Yves-Marie Lequin, Laura Hurt.

Internationally renowned actor Marc Duret who co-hosts the event, is proud to contribute to this tribute from one suffering city to another: “My home town of Nice has a lot in common with Berlin. Both cities welcome people from different cultures with open arms. Both cities greatly value arts and culture. And now, both cities share the same tragic fate of a terror attack, committed in the same atrocious manner. It is only logical that Nice wholeheartedly stands with Berlin, and we hope we can contribute in our way to comfort the victims and their families, as well as all traumatized Berliners, to help them overcome their pain and to send them strength and positive energy for the challenges ahead.”

Among the confirmed speakers are city councilor Dr. Christiane Amiel, a German native and longtime Nice resident, who has also recently founded the local chapter of the Goethe Institut, and Tobias Bülow, president of the local Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand. The participation of other high-profile speakers has been signaled although not yet formally confirmed at time of press.

Sponsors include, among others, Ville de Nice and Théâtre Francis Gag, Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand, SYRIA.ART, and a high-profile organization from Monaco. RIVIERA BUZZ is proud to support this event as the premier media partner.


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