Syrian Open-Air Film Screenings: “Mostra Documentaire : Hors Syrie”
Hosted by: CASA DOC’ and SYRIA.ART
Date: July 20, 2018 from 8:30 pm
Venue: CASA DOC’ – 5 rue du 24 Mars, 06100 Nice, France

Participating video artists: Rania Kaddoura, Mayar El Nouri, Ayla Abiad, Huda Takriti, Simon Safieh, Rohân Houssein

Subsidiary information:
– Places are limited so early registration is advised on assocasadoc@gmail
– Free attendance – Membership 10 €/year, TR: 5 €/year)
– In case of rain, the event will be cancelled

How to come to MOSTRA:
– By bus: Azur Lines: Bus 15, 36 and T21, N2, “Courbet” bus stop
– By car: You can park along Boulevard Cap de Croix
– Don’t forget to pack a jumper, you never know!

SYNOPSIS – “Mostra Documentaire : Hors Syrie”

Because we believe in the virtue of difference and in a multi-faceted approach of the truth, SYRIA.ART and CASA DOC’ highlight independent Syrian video makers who offer a different perspective on today’s Syria, for the span of an evening.

Stories, cities, people, children, joy despite the war, a dance among the ruins, the smile of a kid torn from his house and school, the dream of rebuilding and of continuing life.

This projection is an invitation to take a journey, to cross a bridge through what you thought you knew and through an elsewhere which, despite the suffering, has not yet lost hope, and a people who, despite the disarray, has not yet said his last word…


– 21h00: Meeting with Khaled Youssef from the SYRIA.ART Association to exchange ideas around his programming

– As night is falling: Projection and exchanges around the short films

– Homemade Syrian Mezze, free soft drinks, collaborative aperitif


Short film “2… L’Aube / 2… The Dawn”
Director: Rania Kaddoura / 2018 / 14’19

Short film “Pour l’Amour d’Alep / For the Love of Aleppo”
Director: Mayar El Nouri / 2018 / 3’00

Short film “Voyage Schizophrène / Schizophrenic Journey”
Director: Ayla Abiad / 2016 / 4’30

Short film “Terroristes en Devenir / Terrorists in Becoming”
Director: Ayla Abiad / 2018 / 4’09

Short film “Une Histoire ; J’Aimerais Tant Pouvoir Être Là… / A Storytelling; I Only Wish I Could be There…”
Director: Huda Takriti / 2016 / 9’26

Short film “Papillons / Butterflies”
Director: Rohân Houssein / 2017 / 3’08

Short film “Salam min Sourya / Peace For Syria”
Director: Simon Safieh in collaboration with the “Syrian Cultural Center” / 2016 / 5’15

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