Exhibition: “Raconte Ton Voyage”
Organisation: Réseau Education Sans Frontières (RESF) with the participation of Nizar Ali Badr, Syrian sculptor from the SYRIA.ART collective
Dates: 14/04 – 26.04.2018
Venue: Saint-Joseph Church, Square Lenglier in Pontivy (Brittany)
Opening: Saturday, April 14 at 11:00
Free admission

Participating artists: Nizar Ali Badr, Rol, Alain Goutal, and others

“Raconte Ton Voyage” is a cultural project initiated by Réseau Education Sans Frontières (RESF) – Pontivy, with artistic expressions and exhibitions in different places, as well as with the participation of Nizar Ali Badr, Syrian sculptor from the SYRIA.ART collective.

Why: Telling your journey to others makes you in return more inclined to discover other people’s journeys; expressing oneself and being considered opens up attention to the other.

The aim of this project is that everyone, feeling him/herself to be the object of attention of others, be attentive to others; that, observing the interest that he/she can arouse, is interested in others; all life is bond; this project cultivates relationships through the possible contact between the people of the districts of the city of Pontivy, the generations, the different approaches of life; it concretizes the possibility of real encounters.

Artistic creation is also an opening, a scenario of development of unusual capacities, of  a revival of this part of a child that each adult conceals in him/her and which leads to poetry, wonderment, discovery, welcoming, game; the opportunity to live a moment of construction that can be happy, or at least favorable to an interesting inner evolution.

How: 1) With the production of creations using very different media (painting, collage, drawing, modeling, sculpture, visual composition…), artistic expression favors the development of what can be done outside the activities of daily life.

“Raconte Ton Voyage” whatever it is: it can be the exodus experienced by wartime elders, a boat cruise, the discovery of a city or region, a day spent with the grandparents, a school trip…

This trip can be an inner one for the meditative, solitary, in family, in a group of friends, happy, unhappy, distant, near, long or short, whatever, it is a moment of personal setting in motion, represented by a personal artwork .

2) and the exhibition of artworks produced in different places where they have been created: medical-social institutions, schools, art schools, neighborhood houses… mixing the origin of the artworks to create increased curiosity and interest of each others.

With as a highlight, a more consistent exhibition showing creations made by several artists solicited for the occasion, accompanied by achievements collected here and there in various places of production, without any idea of competition: this project is not a contest, the expression of each one, whatever he/she is, is precious; this is one of the foundations of this project. If recognized artists have more mastery as to artistic techniques, everyone is carrying dreams, realized or not, memories that build a personal story.

Faced with the current acceleration of the lived experience of time, there remains for each a personal dimension, which each stage is necessary and can be filled with memories of what we might like to represent and share some with other people, if we only had the opportunity. This project offers the possibility to do so.

Who: Children, pupils, teenagers, youth, adults, elders. In medical-social institutions, schools, artistic and cultural associations, private persons…

Aim: Alongside with the produced artworks, to realize exhibitions at the same time in different places of creation by “mixing” the origin of the artworks (ex: to present in a school the artworks made by the pupils together with those of adults, elders, etc..) and with some of these productions to create a “flagship” exhibition in Pontivy, which in a way would be the locomotive of the project thanks to the presence of creations by recognized artists.

Artists contacted: Nizar Ali Badr, Rol, Alain Goutal, and others.

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