Amr Fahed, Syrian artist

Born in Al-Suwaida, Syria in 1982
Lives in Damascus, Syria

Amr Fahed graduated with a Bachelors degree in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University, in 2007. A versatile artist, he works on different media, such as painting, photography and digital art. The artist gained fame through his digital images that focus on the narrative of Syrian children trapped in war.

Amr Fahed has been hosted for several exhibitions: 4 Walls Art Gallery in Dubai, Alfa Gallery, Domar Culture Center and Al Keshle Gallery in Damascus. He also participated in several group exhibitions, including the Sharjah Islamic Art Festival, in Sharjah in 2010.

In one of his digital series, the artist reworked photos taken during the first events in Syria: the black and white images are scraped, scratched, faces disappear, the birds are transformed into planes, grids evoke the rain of shells and shots, and everything leads us into a timeless universe, a universe that is somewhere between life and death.

Amr Fahed later decided to shift his focus to Syrian children in refugee camps. That’s when he realized that his place was with these children he highlights in his work. So he decided to leave Sharjah where he had taken refuge, to return to Syria in 2014.

He recently worked on a project related to Syrian children entitled “Syrian Children in the Crossfire”. His goal was to depict, through his art, the unfathomable sadness that can be detected in the eyes of Syrian children, and shout it to the whole world. His inspiration comes from the indescribable look in their eyes, – a mixed look of sadness and happiness, a unique combination of conflicting emotions.

The artist wants to show these images to the world, he wants the world to be aware of the immeasurable damage that such crimes have had and still have on these children: children in pain, who will turn into angels and lead their country to take its flight.

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