Anas Farah, Syrian photographer

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1990
Lives and works in Damascus, Syria

Anas Farah is a young emerging photographer on the Syrian art scene. Born in Damascus into an extremely creative family, which includes among its members several musicians, photographers and painters, his passion for the arts has been shaped from a young age. Anas Farah has also a passion for drawing and painting. He began his artistic career in photography, directly after graduating in Graphic Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus in 2013.

Anas Farah is a creative, passionate and optimistic artist. The love of the artist for photography rises to the level of devotion. For him, photography is a fascination that vibrates in the depths of his conscience; it is a particular spiritual mixture that takes shine from its deep roots in his beloved homeland, Syria, and his hometown of Damascus, where he lives.

In his conceptual photographic work, the artist uses his imagination and thoughts, history and mythology, to develop ideas and concepts, dreams and hopes, and then finally, he lets emotions and feelings like happiness or sadness, adding their influence in his art. Besides his research for aesthetics and creativity that he wants unique, the work of Anas Farah aims to explore various concepts of expressiveness. Most of the time however, the artist simply tries to communicate human emotions comprehensively and sensitively.

The methodology of conceptual photography requires an elaborate staging to represent an atmosphere, an idea or a concept and therefore to explore the best creative expression. Before being launched, each project that the artist is working on is carefully designed and conceptualized in preliminary stages; he usually draws several sketches versions to develop multiple alternatives, and to view the predetermined concept in its best potential.

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