Bassam Alemam, Syrian artist

Born in Damascus, Syria
Lives in Dubai, aux UAE

The emotive works of Bassam Alemam are the products of his various artistic research, studies and experiments. The Damascene artist, initially trained as a painter, uses new media and digital processes to create a unique artistic dimension and a new, different aesthetic vision.

Through his digital art, Bassam Alemam displays fascinating chromatic composition, which shakes up established codes, and stimulates imagination and creativity. His conceptual work ranges from satire to surrealism, and is inspired by his existential questions relating to the origins, identity, culture and behaviour of humans in groups compared to individuality, as well as his relationship with social norms and traditions in society and an increasingly complex globalised world.

In the artist’s creative process, where the image serves as a medium for conveying a specific message or ideology, the inspiration for his visual pieces generally comes not only from a significant intimate and personal experience, a biographical moment, or a political or social event, but also from the Syrian conflict, which he highlights.

In his surrealist, almost visionary images, Bassam Alemam prompts an initial idea, raises an open and complex question, reveals an intention, unlocks avenues for reflection, and paves the way to other arborescent themes, other new perspectives, enabling a theory or problems to be viewed from a new and different angle.

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