Elias Naman, Syrian sculptor

Born in Yabroud, Syria in 1980
Lives and works in Carrara, Italy

Elias Naman holds a degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus. After arriving in Italy in 2002, he enrolled at the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts, where he obtained a degree with distinction in 2009, and in 2011 a degree with honours. He has participated in a number of sculpture symposia all over the world, showcasing his work at several individual and collective exhibitions in Italy, Syria, Brazil, Germany and France.

The artist remains loyal to figurative style in his sculptures, working the marble solely by hand, without the help of machinery, exactly as Michelangelo did five centuries ago. His method of execution is based on classic tradition, crafting his sculptures directly from a block of marble, without any models or designs. He has collaborated with various workshops in the Apuan Versilia region, and works in his studio not far from the centre of Carrara.

Born out of the nature and losing themselves in the cultural subconscious: shapely chiselled forms emerge from the crystalline marble, living bodies seeking liberation from the cold material, and the duality of the masculine and feminine as an archaic dichotomy. These are the themes evoked in Elias Naman’s work, principally represented by statuary sculptures made from white Carrara marble. He, more than anyone else, has managed to transform the tensions of life into a romanticist artistic production.

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