Huda Takriti, Syrian artist

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1990
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria

Huda Takriti was born in Damascus, Syria where she studied Drawing & Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University. Currently she is doing her Master studies at the TransArts Department at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna “Die Angewandte”.

The artist works with many types of media including painting, printmaking, video installation and film. Takriti has also participated in exhibitions, festivals and workshop in Syria, Lebanon, Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria.

Her recent works discuss the relationship between humans, memories, cities, war and destruction. She explores how this relationship can influence and change individuals and their perception of themselves and their community. The questions she asks herself are: how can media influence our reality and how can we release the tension of the current stage we are living at?

Takriti was still an art student in Damascus when the war started. She tried to keep creating, to keep making art. A lot of the work she was creating was in response to the turmoil happening in her country.

“At first, I was really influenced by it”, she says. “There was a huge rush to do something about what was going on, and express it. For me, I think the work I did at the time was really direct. Now, I’m thinking about ways to express it without being so direct. All the Syrian art about it was really direct. But now it’s shifting, somehow.”

Takriti also noticed how the Damascus art scene had eroded. “I started to feel it after I graduated,” she says. “There were no more curators or galleries. Basically, you graduate from the University of Art and don’t have anything to do. I was still painting and still trying to work on other projects. But it was only for me. Like, it was nothing to show anyone.”

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