Julie Nakazi,  Syrian artist

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1993
Lives in Budapest, Hungary

Julie Nakazi is a young emerging artist on the Syrian art scene. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus in 2015. A passionate conceptual artist, graphic designer, illustrator and digital artist who aspires to create projects to connect people with each others and exchange ideas, Julie Nakazi is also a fan of Psychedelic Art. She currently lives in Budapest, Hungary.

For the artist, the idea of a project is always the preliminary phase of the work, technique coming in second plan. Julie Nakazi loves exploring new creative fields and making her way through innovative approaches as part of her artistic specialties, and that is the reason why we can notice that her work is very diverse.

Having always had faith in the power of art and flashy images, she is convinced that creating something authentic and genuinely personal is a great way to leave one’s mark in this world.

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