Lina Malki, Syrian artist 

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1991
Lives and works in Damascus, Syria

Lina Malki is an emerging artist on the Syrian art scene, gifted with undeniable talent. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, with painting as specialization, in 2014. She was awarded with the Balassel Award 2012 from the University of Damascus.

As a figurative painter Lina Malki is seeking a merger of expressionism, symbol of the magnificence, and neo-expressionism to highlight the concerns that lie dormant in her and in each of us.

She composes her paintings starting from the idea that the figuration creates emotion, feeling. Technical and chromatic research is a constant in the work of this young female painter, where dominates the subtle and nuanced range of ocher, blue, fuchsia and gray. Through her paintings, she addresses the humanitarian crisis and the injustice of the Syrian war, submerging the viewer with a vivid emotion of empathy.

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