Maiesam Mallisho, Syrian artist

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1988
Lives and works in Damascus, Syria

Syrian visual artist Maiesam Mallisho was born 1988 in Damascus, Syria. He holds a Bachelor Degree (2013), as well as a Master Degree (2016) from the Faculty of Fine Arts (Sculpture Department), Damascus University. Mallisho works currently as an Art Teacher at the same Faculty.

In his monochromatic color scheme, Maiesam Mallisho uses a single color in varying shades, now aiming to simplify the focus onto creative process, form, shadowy depth and subject.

The otherworldly quality of his monochrome paintings hovering against a lighter background and composed of contorted bodies, circular shapes and hybrid human-animal forms, appears to reveal the soul of the figures, transporting the viewer into the evanescent hues of an ethereal world. His art refers to the subliminal distinguished from the subconscient —the subliminal being a consciousness larger than our surface existence. But both belong to the inner realm of our being of which our surface is unaware, so both are jumbled together in our common conception and parlance.

Modern, but deeply connected to the artist’s inner world, his subjectivity and his individual experience, Maiesam Mallisho’s art also embodies his past, his cultural heritage and his spiritual beliefs.

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