Mohammad Zaza, Syrian artist

Born in Riyad, Saudi Arabia in 1987
Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey

Mohammad Zaza was born in Riyad to Syrian parents. Having grown up in an artistic family, he began drawing and painting at a young age. After finishing secondary school in Saudi Arabia, he moved to Syria in 2006 to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Aleppo. He held his first solo exhibition in 2008, and after obtaining his degree in 2010, was appointed assistant professor of painting at the University until 2012.

Following the commencement of the Syrian conflict, he spent various periods living in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, before basing himself in Istanbul, Turkey, where he has lived for the last two years. This summer, he intends to move to Europe, but does not plan on staying there permanently and ceasing his itinerant lifestyle. “Once I caught the travel bug, I couldn’t stop. It’s become a necessity. I think my whole life I’ll keep moving after a few sedentary years, working and being inspired by new places.”

Mohammad Zaza’s art reflects his identity and the force with which he engages in all aspects of life. In his work, he focuses on the movement behind fixed scenes, enhancing the subject in order to open up new fields for applying reality. As his paintings seek to be a window to another dimension of life, his forms underline the unity of the source of thought, allowing audiences to understand the Origins with him.

He redefines the preconceived ideas of form by removing the line between contour and function. While everything in the universe is maintained by a gravitational force which draws its energy from a vaster whole, he daringly challenges these limits by imagining his creations as amorphous entities dissociated from the context. He also breaks down other boundaries in his art – those between the past and future, light and darkness, and even between us and others. Each of his paintings provides an individual experience for viewers, who discover a unique and singular echo therein.

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