Naser Nassan Agha, Syrian artist

Born in Idlib, Syria in 1961
Lives and works in Bremen, Germany

Naser Nassan Agha is an artist from the city of Aleppo and arrived in Bremen, Germany in 2015. He has represented Syria with his beautiful art both locally and globally in a great number of galleries and has won several local and international awards.

The bright colours in Naser’s paintings catch the eye immediately. A closer look reveals letter from the ancient Syrian alphabet. Another characteristic of Naser’s work is the display of architectural structures. Painting and poetry are imbricate and one is the mirror of the other. His creative and artistic awareness leads us to passionate artworks – from genuine source and giving. His artworks are colourful poems and involve musical harmonies, unique and sweat, sneaking out of ample and very rich colour formations. They are mobilized with the cadence of arches, windows and doors and cover the ornaments and vaults sunk in the sphere of their gravitation.

The city of Aleppo is the trestle for the views he provides in many of his paintings. Naser addresses multiple threats in his art, such as the dangerous power of the sea, especially when sitting in a small boat. He also focuses on the motif of Women and motherhood. The mythological Goddess Ishtar represents love, war, fertility and sexuality, and is present in a number of his works.

Naser’s works have been exhibited in several galleries in European metropolis, such as Paris, Rome, Stockholm and Madrid. The war could not stop the flow of his art. Together with a number of other artists, he kept maintaining a gallery in the city of Aleppo. Their purpose was to emphasize that, despite all difficulties, the people of Syria have a deep-rooted culture of never giving up and the desire to stay alive is always present.

When the situation in Aleppo worsened further, Naser moved to Istanbul, Turkey, where he lived for one year. He participated in many activities and succeeded in establishing a gallery. From Istanbul, the artist moved to Bremen at the end of 2015. The city of Bremen has influenced his art, so he interweaves between his heritage and the beauty that he saw in a harmoniously artistic way, introducing landmarks from Bremen and Aleppo in a number of his paintings.

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