Nawar Haidar, Syrian Artist

Born 1979 in Damascus, Syria
Lives in San Juan De Alicante, Valenciana, Spain

Nawar Haidar is a Syrian artist born in 1979 and based in Spain. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Damascus in 2006 and a Master’s degree in 2012. Haidar held solo and group exhibitions across the Middle East, Far East and Europe, mainly in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Thailand, Georgia, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Colombia, Barcelona, and Madrid.

Haidar’s work is praised for its originality and its spontaneity in the brushstrokes and color treatments. His work showcases the memory of the artist in relation to places from his childhood and people who are related to him, details of faces, colors, and actions. For him, painting is a moment in which he discovers his unconscious mind and accesses conflicting feelings of acknowledge and shock, mixing love and hatred, rejection and revenge, good and evil. It is the realization of the contrasts in which he lives attempting to draw with the pure spirit of childhood.

Artist’s Statement

All I portray on a canvas is actually a fragment of what my eye captures and what my memory retains from reality. By painting I try to recollect the first impression on my memory, left by a reality I am living or have lived once in the past. I let it drive me completely, in an attempt to be filled by emotions I need, beauty or ugliness, sadness or happiness, certainty or fear, nostalgia or boredom…

Sometimes an unusual color or a surprising line erupts, leaving me wondering if it is allowed by aesthetic standards or prohibited. This is the moment when I feel I am getting closer to scenes etched in my memory, and so I look at the canvas that I do not wish to overload with more than these characters, their expressions and belongings, as if the view were now saturated. Close to childhood, the naïveté and candor of a child and simply close to the vision in my memory… It is what I always wished to paint.

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