Samer Tarabichi, French-Syrian artist

Born in Aleppo, Syria in 1982
Lives and works in Paris, France

Besides having studied medicine, Samer Tarabichi graduated from the Roland Khoury Institute of Fine Arts in 2002. He participated in several joint exhibitions in Aleppo, Syria and in the exhibition entitled Clair et Obscur au Cœur de l’Hiver organized by AGOSPAP, in Paris. In his hometown Aleppo, the artist gave several presentations on Art History at the French Cultural Center and at the Physicians Association: From Lascaux to Picasso; Art of Italian Renaissance; How to read a painting.

Samer currently lives in Paris where he is practicing medicine as a GI Doctor. He is a member of the “Association des peintres Médecins” (painter Doctors). Samer’s works are a journey through relational sociology, their lines are drawn by the Byzantine icons of Syria, their compositions are formed by the funeral stones of Palmyra, and their colours are inspired by the puppets Karakoz & Iwaz of the Ottoman era.

Artist’s statement:

My paintings are a mixture of memories and visions, carrying the aroma of my Grandmother’s coffee alongside with tales from childhood and stories told by neighbours. They are made of the musical rhythm of my dreams, the language of my Syrian history, and the colours of the oriental sunshine that gives warmth to my eternal foreignness.

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