Tania Al Kayyali, Syrian artist 

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1985
Lives and works in Sid, Serbia

Tania Al Kayyali is a young multi-talented artist graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus. Tania is a Syrian national (born in Damascus) of Palestinian and Yugoslavian descent. Recently, she lived a time in Berlin and was part of the new Syrian artistic Diaspora within Berlin’s art scene. Today Tania lives in Sid, Serbia.

Tania Kayyali is an atypical visual artist who is all at once a painter, illustrator, digital artist and graphic designer. Her colourful psychedelic artworks featuring a multitude of self-portraits have nothing self-absorbed, but are rather the identification of deep emotions and various facets of a personality that is eager to be part of the world and the humanity.

The artist has also worked as a translator with the “Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe” organisation. Having faith in the ability of education to change our future, Tania has created numerous illustrations and children’s books.

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