Yara Said, Syrian artist

Born in Sweida, Syria in 1991
Lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Yara Said graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Damascus, Syria in 2014. During and after her studies she worked as an art teacher for children. She has participated in several workshops with renowned artists such as Edward Shahda and Nizar Sabour.

Living in the Netherlands Yara works with Refugee Company as a coordinator. She also works for TESC as a social worker, and participates in various artistic projects at De Werkelijkheid (Expression through art).

As a painter and graphic artist, Yara has paticipated in a number of workshops in the Netherlands with students from the Netherland School of Applied Sciences under the theme “The refugees and their needs.”

Artist’s statement

The first spark for the kind of expression that I love painting, ignited in me in 2011, a year that was a turning point for many people. This was the beginning of the war in Syria.

My initial motivation was to understand human nature and the flow of thoughts and emotions of people. However, as the war continued to spread chaos, I realized that the case was far more complex than I thought. It was not a local problem, but a much deeper problem, which let me get acquainted with the “Human Condition”.

It was a shock to me (as a nineteen- year- old girl) to discover that human beings can be so primitive. It opened my eyes, and I now care much more to acquire more knowledge about politics, psychology, sociology and theology in order to deepen the understanding of my role as a Syrian artist.

Also, I would like to clarify how time affects people and the surrounding materials, be this material a painting, a sculpture, video art or a human.

Keeping in mind the relationship of forms within space, sometimes light, sometimes heavy, this broad concept was and still is the main concern in my artistic research that I try to reflect in all my work.

I guess we can name it an attempt to manifest the ideas I had acquired during these years outside and inside of my faculty of Fine Arts, and to materialize them.

I use acrylic paint, collage art, charcoal, ink and all other possible techniques at my disposal.

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