Edition 2
Apr/May/June 2018

Jasmine, Another Syria
Quarterly magazine

During those troubled times, it seemed to us essential to offer another vision of Syria through its culture and the artistic creation of its artists.

Jasmine, Another Syria was born from the meeting of people from different horizons and cultures: French, Franco-Syrians and Syrians wishing to show their solidarity with Syria and its people.

The focus will be given on the artistic works of Syrian artists, the history of Syria (and its links with France), its literature and poetry, its cultural diversity and wealth.

Jasmine, Another Syria is meant to build a bridge between two languages, two cultures, two worlds.

This magazine with independent and non-profit funding will be published on a quarterly basis online on our Website syriaartasso.com, and annually as a print edition. It will be edited partially in French and in English languages.

Photo credit ©Khaled Youssef

What do we know about tomorrow?

What do we know about tomorrow? Between duties and expectations, we will let ourselves embark on the waves of everyday life with the hope of running aground on peaceful shores.

Thus we will sail between what escapes us and what we embrace or believe to embrace, omitting to offer our senses the chance to flourish, and our emotions the incredible opportunity to express themselves and twist the neck to the banality of existence.

The indefinable law of chance will seize our life as always, and we will try in vain to tame it. But randomness, in its sweet folly, opens promising avenues for those who know how to accept and integrate it.

Photo credit ©Khaled Youssef

What do we know about what will happen tomorrow? Tomorrow, the smile of a stranger at a corner of a street will surprise us and impact our destiny, the scent of a jasmine will spring and embody happiness, a blue murmur of the sky will slide on our eyelids and will result in a glow, a trembling light will turn into a caress on our faces, and a melody will prolong a moment of ecstasy to detach it from time.

Tomorrow, we will let ourselves be carried away by a soft word or will find serenity in the eloquence of a silence, we will leave footprints that will speak about us, and draw unforgettable memories, which, at every moment of doubt, will tell us the position of the heart.

Tomorrow, an empty space will give refuge to our imagination, a dream of sparkling intensity will stand up at the crossroads of our paths, and we will move on leaving perceptible traces with an irresistible will to emphasize beauty, so that every moment of everyday life becomes the reflection of our dreams.

What we do not know about tomorrow… makes all its beauty…

Text by Khaled Youssef
Translation by Danii Kessjan