Galleria Gli Acrobati

Galleria Gli Acrobati is an art gallery focusing on special art therapy by artists from different parts of world, promoting artistic practices as a source of knowledge and liberation of one’s own inner reality.

Whether the artist is exploring the origin of expression as a pure force, or retelling memories and daily life experiences, what moves us is to look beyond the creative process as a product of specific technical, material rules or purposes. Our approach begins by being mindful of expression in itself, with the aim of manifesting its psychological, aesthetic, and sociological dimension – without one facet prevailing over the other.

Gli Acrobati is not only an exhibition space, but an atelier and a studio-gallery where artists can create freely. Various activities such as art-therapy workshops and the exhibition of works made by residents of therapeutic communities are held in order to display not just the product of their work, but also the evolution of their own creative process in its infinite expressions.

A special attention is given to artists from conflict zones that can convey their talent by going beyond a mere negative narration of their condition as victims.

Galleria Gli Acrobati via Luigi Ornato, 4 – Turin, Italy