L’Art en Mouvement

On the occasion of  “Nice Solidaire du Monde”  week and in collaboration with the Maison des Associations Garibaldi and the city of Nice, SYRIA.ART presents “L’Art en Mouvement” event featuring the work of Syrian videographers and photo artists.

Event: L’Art en Mouvement
Video Screening: 17/05/2017
Photo Exhibition: 13/05 – 20/05/2017
Venue: Maison des Associations Garibaldi
12ter Place Garibaldi
06300 Nice, France

L’Art en Mouvement

L’Art en Mouvement presents the remarkable work of Syrian videographers and photographers on May 17 at 7 pm at Maison des Associations in Nice, followed by a casual and convivial discussion around a shared glas. The City of Nice supports the event as part of its annual Nice Solidaire Du Monde campaign.

Works by renowned Syrian video artists and filmmakers

Waref Abu Quba, Ghaida Karmeh, Fadi Al Hamwi, Jalal Maghout, Manhal Issa, Julie Nakazi, Huda Takriti, Abdalla Al Omari and Sulafa Hijazi

are complemented by a photo exhibition with Nizar Ali Badr and Khaled Youssef.

Today, video as a medium has taken an important position within contemporary art.

In a world in motion, the perspectives and evolution of video art remain sensitive to technological and computing developments. Advances in these fields are renewing the possibilities of the medium as an innovative means for artistic expression and seemingly augurs a new language to express the world’s ills, convey a message or bring colors of hope.

The Syrian videographers, despite the war that ravages their country, remain connected, too, with the world. They follow the constant technological mutation of video art and its emerging forms of art, and participate in the renewal of both the language and the modes of production and diffusion of this discipline.

The aim of this screening is to present examples of Syrian artistic work in the field of short and animated films. All of the works concerned are of different forms and address diverse issues. Some focus on the disorder of the world, others are interested in the state of mind of the postmodern Man in the era of globalization, while another part revisits the classics of contemporary art by offering a new vision full of colors.

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